Monumenttien muuttuvat maisemat

Mannerheim-patsaat Tampereella, Seinäjoella, Mikkelissä, Lahdessa ja Helsingissä

  • Silja Laine Aalto-yliopisto
  • Ranja Hautamäki Aalto-yliopisto
Avainsanat: Statue on Mannerheim, monument, public space, urban design, military heritage


Shifting Landscapes of Monuments – Mannerheim Statues in Tampere, Seinäjoki, Mikkeli, Lahti and Helsinki

The article sets out to look at the statues of C. G. E. Mannerheim (1857–1951) in the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Seinäjoki, Mikkeli and Lahti. It focuses on the landscapes of the statues and the dialogical relation between the statues and their surroundings. In all cities considered, either the statues have been moved from their original place or moving has been proposed. Statues have often been studied from a point of view of the politics of history and memory. While recognizing this, we propose that urban design has an important role in modifying the ways that statues relate to public space. Statues are not only artefacts that exist in urban space, but they also produce public urban space and hierarchy. Therefore, the article focuses on the role of urban planning and design in producing and cherishing military heritage.

Tunnus vertaisarvioiduille tiedejulkaisuille
huhti 8, 2020