Suo karnevalistisena tilana


  • Kirsi Laurén Itä-Suomen yliopisto


human-mire-relationship, carnival space, sense of community, cultural heritage


This study examines the changing human-mire relationship today. Drawing on a High heels floral dress mire skiing event held in Pudasjärvi, the research material consists of interviews with the participants and organizers of the event, as well as material based on participatory observation. The research asks: How does a carnival event on a mire affect the human-mire relationship and thus the cultural heritage associated with mires? Theoretical concepts of carnivalism and space are used in the analysis of the material. The research reveals that instead of seeking the privacy that is commonly associated with recreational mires, the creation of a carnival space makes the communal physical interaction between humans and the mire possible, so creating a sense of community. As a consequence, the fears and images of death which have traditionally been part of the cultural heritage of mires are being dispelled, and the mire is perceived as safe and regenerative.