Oikeus lähteä, oikeus jäädä, oikeus palata

Mitä ilmastokasvatuksen pitäisi kertoa muuttoliikkeestä?



climate mobilities, climate change education, geography education, environmental pedagogy, forced migration


The paper considers a specific field of climate change education from a geographical perspective, namely climate mobilities education. The theme of climate mobilities is largely missing in Finnish basic education, but it is included in the upper secondary school compulsory course of geography. As part of a broader study that develops decolonizing empathy education on climate mobilities for basic education, we carried out a study in an upper secondary school to learn from the students how they understand the phenomenon and to test out some methods for teaching this challenging topic. The study found that students recognize climate mobility as an important societal issue, but when considering responses they rely on a science-based approach to address causes and consequences with the aim of identifying general, once and for all solutions to the identified problems, rather than viewing climate mobilities from a more social scientific perspective, as a set of multi-scalar complex challenges that require contextual and continuous attention.



2024-02-01 — Päivitetty 2024-02-06