Ilmastoasenteiden maantiede: sosiospatiaalisuuden merkitys kansainvälisessä tutkimuskirjallisuudessa


  • Joonas Salmijärvi Helsingin yliopisto
  • Joni Tuomas Vainikka
  • Pia Bäcklund
  • Venla Bernelius


attitude, climate change, global warming, socio-spatiality


As the climate crisis intensifies, research on climate change attitudes has become extensive. Different factors associated with them have been analysed across disciplines and contexts. This paper presents a systematic literature review for exploring whether and how socio-spatiality has been discussed and examined in the research of climate change attitudes. The final data consists of 82 individual research articles published in 59 academic journals in 2012‒2022. In the data, the most common spatial perspectives on climate change attitudes relate to geographical aggregates and differences in the attitudes, and how changes in local climates can affect individuals’ perceptions. Examining them as intersubjective constructs formed in social relations and local interaction is rare. Additionally, our findings attest to the ambiguity in understanding the term “attitude”. We conclude that research on climate change attitudes needs more effort to examine the socio-spatial dynamics in local contexts and to take more transparent stances on defining the applied concepts.