Koskien valjastamisesta patojen purkuun

Hiitolanjoen hydrososiaalinen rytminvaihdos


  • Pertti Rannikko Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Karjalan tutkimuslaitos


dam removal, hydropower plant, hydrosocial rhytm, actor-network, salmon


The latest phase of river restorations is the closure of small hydroelectric plants. The precedent of this stage in Finland is the Hiitolanjoki river, which is a transboundary river crossing the Finnish-Russian border before flowing to Lake Ladoga. This article focuses on the shift in the hydrosocial rhythm of the Hiitolanjoki river from industrial to post-industrial rhythm. In a waterbody with the industrial rhythm, dams regulate the flow and speed of water in line with the demand for electricity. Current dismantling of dams and restoring its original rhythm is a result of the persistent work of local actor-network which has been able to create a wide supporting network including actors from the Hiitolanjoki river to the European Union’s and the Finnish government’s water and fish stock policies. The case of Hiitolanjoki river shows that achieving results requires an active and committed local network of actors.