Tutkiva oppiminen Maantieteen tutkimuskurssilla


  • Mirka Lamppu Turun yliopisto
  • Salla Bertling Turun yliopisto
  • Sara Pääkkö Turun yliopisto


inquiry-based learning, geography, project-based learning, student motivation, higher education


This article addresses inquiry-based learning in a higher education context with a case study we did on Geography Research Course organized by The Department of Geography and Geology at the University of Turku. We examine how the course and students' learning process implement inquiry-based learning. In addition, we propose perceptions about the benefits and challenges in using inquiry-based learning in higher education. Inquiry-based learning can engage students in the learning process and foster scientific thinking. Results show that inquiry-based learning is seen in how the course operates. Students learned research skills and active self-directed learning skills during the course. Interest and motivation play a role in keeping students engaged during the inquiry process. Inquiry-based learning has challenges which could be detected also during this course.

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