Luontosuhteen katkokset ja jatkuvuudet: maahanmuuttajien kokemuksia pohjoisessa


  • Seija Tuulentie
  • Esa Huhta Luonnonvarakeskus
  • Laura Jokela Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu
  • Leena Seppälä
  • Marja Uusitalo Luonnonvarakeskus


relationship with nature, immigrants, Lapland, geobiography, continuity, break


A close relationship with nature and the exploitation of products provided by nature are an integral part of Finnish identity. In this review article, we study the nature relationships of immigrants in Finnish Lapland, both in the context of their previous life stages and current integration. We apply the ideas of geobiography and lifelong environmental relationship. We ask how the migrants’ nature relationship has taken shape in the course of life, and what kind of discontinuities and continuities exist. We have approached the issue with focus group interviews conducted among immigrants who have residence permits in Finland and live in Lapland. In interviews, photo-elicitation has had an important role. It seems that northern nature has not become familiar during the “formal” integration process. Nature experiences in Finland relate in many ways to experiences in the nature of the country of origin. Refugee camp is the biggest discontinuity in nature relationship. The nature of the original homeland is therefore very distant in time, but still important.