Maantieteen oppituntien sisällöt ja niiden käsittely kulttuurisesti moninaisessa luokassa : opettajien kokemuksia mahdollisuuksista ja haasteista


  • Petteri Muukkonen


opetustyö, maantieto, opettajat, monikulttuurisuus


This article examines geography teachers' experiences and thoughts about the content of geography lessons in the culturally diverse classroom. How do teachers feel about possibilities and challenges in the context of cultural diversity? A total of six geography teachers from secondary and high schools from Helsinki metropolitan area, Finland, were interviewed, using a thematic interview approach. The unanimous response was that no culturally or ethnically sensitive topics should be avoided in their clasrooms, but such topics should be handled in a sensitive way, by softening and adap ting teaching accordingly. This is important because some immigrant students might feel uncomfortable about certain topics due to ethnic differences, religious differences or due to their personal unpleasant experiences. Yet, cultural diversity can also be a possibility. Culturally diverse classroom might enhance the geography teaching if students want to share their experiences and knowledge. Some students do not feel comfortable doing this. Those who are willing to share their experiences can provide valuable enhancements for geography classroom.