Kuvallistettu kuuluminen : valokuvahaastattelu ja visuaalinen analyysi paikkasuhteiden tutkimuksessa


  • Antti Vallius


maantiede, kulttuuriympäristöt, paikkatiedot, kulttuurimaantiede, kuvallinen ilmaisu, spatiaalinen analyysi


Spatial belonging is understood as a multidimensional process in which pictorial representation of the environment also plays an important role. However, various intersecting discursive and personal dimensions in the relations between images, photography and spatial belonging make researching the topic quite challenging. This article focuses on a methodology that combines photo-elicitation and visual analysis to elucidate the relations between images and spatial belonging, and to explore the ways in which the mental images created by discursive landscape imagery can affect the formation of people’s place relations and feelings of spatial belonging. The article draws from a research project that concentrates on important places identified and photographed by varyingly aged inhabitants of the city of Jyväskylä.